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Australian Fundraising Ideas for 2018

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Organising a profitable fundraiser for your schools is on the to do list of every P&C and Childcare Community. Many Schools or Kindergarten have their list of fundraising activities and will repeat them every year. Nothing wrong with that, there are many prooven ways to raise funds for your school or club.

Most popular fundraising activities for good all year fundraisers are:

Learn and see how plants grow with a living fundraiser.

Great for Year 6 Fundraiser, school disco, Movie night or start a tile wall using every year 6 students hand print.

Love chocolate than one of the Chocolate fundraisers are the go.

Changes to a system which has worked for years are always a challenge, but sometimes it is good to include something new.

We love fundraiser which benefit the organisations, the children as well as the families participating.

Through all the years of primary schooling our children will create many beautiful artwork. Our children are born Picassos, Warhol or Monet.

Jennoli is providing products which can be printed with the artwork of our little artists. Everyday items like Mugs, Placemats or Coasters decorated with the child's art will make treasured items in your home.

Every Child is creating an artwork for a mug dedicated to Mum, Dad or Grandparents.

Beautiful and very decorative Placemats

Now the Table setting is complete, beautiful drink coasters decorated with your child's art - Love!

Visit for further information.

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