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Mother's Day Fundraising ideas and Personalised Mother’s Day Gifts

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Mum is the best and deserves the best.

Being a mum is the most rewarding job and has a job description only a mum can fullfill.

All year Mum is looking after us from morning until night.

Mum is creative with her ideas in how to entertain us, teach us valuable lessons and she is relentless in her ways to disguise vegies and turn them into yummy meals. Mum is the best and we love her.

Now what are the best gifts for our wonderful Mums?

Gifts from the heart and they always include something our children's have made.

Our Children's art is so beautiful, let us use this art and turn it into a gift for Mother's Day. What are the options?

Create a colourful artwork to decorate a coffee mug. Mum will enjoy using this mug and use it every day and we always could add a coaster to protect the table.

Children create artwork using colour combination bold and beautiful. For smaller children, using fingerprints on a placemat would make an adorable gift for Mum. Many personalised products could be created using the children's artwork like drink bottles, key rings or luggage tags. Never mind what products you choose, Mum will love a gift from the heart.

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