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How does our Art Fundraising Program work?

Our Fundraising Program is easy to organise, No upfront cost to you and we will return your schools order individual labeled sorted per year and classroom!

  • Call or email us to let us know how much pre-cut paper you will need for your school. Each Child can participate!

  • You will need to set the price for your selected Fundraising Product and choose the level of profit for your school. We suggest a mark-up of 30%-50% on top of our price.


  • Start promoting your Fundraiser in your newsletter and by sending information home to the children’s families, requesting the number of orders and your set payment.

  • We have a digital template available for you to use as your Parent Order form, this is a word document which you can changed to suit your organisation.

  • Parents place their order and payment with the school.

  • Now for the fun part, let the young artists do their magic. Many schools will find it effective to combine regular art lessons with our fundraiser.

  • Organise your children’s artwork, each artwork should have written on the back in pencil: child’s name, class and order quantities.

  • Bundle the artwork by class and forward the order to us with your order spreadsheet. We have a profit/loss excel spreadsheet template available for you to use for your orders.

  • Once we have received the finished artwork from you, we will email you the invoice for your order.  

  • Payment can be made via cheque or Direct Bank Deposit.

  • We sort the products, label with the child's name and class.

  • All original artwork will be returned with your goods.


Fundraising products.jpg
Packaging of childrens products.jpg

About our Payment Schedule

  • No Upfront Cost to your organisation

  • We only invoice once we have received your order inclusive all the artwork.

  • By that time you should have received the payment from your families.

Check out our variety of Art Fundraising Products

Order our Fundraising Information Pack

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