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Our art program is a wonderful initiative that not only fosters creativity among children but also provides a meaningful way to support schools through art fundraising. Unlike traditional fundraising methods, our program offers something truly unique and personal. Families appreciate the opportunity to support their schools while also receiving tangible keepsakes that hold sentimental value. This creates a strong sense of community involvement and support for education.
Every child is an artist! 
Each students individual art will be encapsulated into products to be treasured forever. Their families can order that artwork on custom-printed keepsakes and personalised gifts. Schools say this is the most profitable and personalised art fundraising program in Australia and families love seeing their own child's art reproduced !

New addition within our product range -create an Art Tile Murals installed outside.
They become a part of the school's identity, leaving a legacy for future generations to appreciate. These outdoor artworks not only beautify the surroundings but also serve as a symbol of creativity, unity, and pride within the school community. 


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School Art Fundraiser using personalised Products and custom Tiles to create profit for your school

  • We are a 100% Australian owned family business, dedicated to supporting local schools and organisations.

  • We create personalised fundraising products tailored specifically for Australian schools.

  • Choose from a range of products that can be customised with each child's artwork, ensuring a unique and meaningful keepsake for every supporter.

  • Every item sold becomes a cherished storybook, showcasing the creativity of the young artist and the inspiration behind their masterpiece.

  • Create your own profit with suggested markups ranging from 30-50%, allowing your school to maximise returns.

  • Experience no upfront costs.

  • Stay updated with our evolving product offerings and promotions by reaching out to us for the latest information.

  • Let us help your school turn creativity into cash while fostering artistic expression and community involvement.

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Our creative kids art fundraising program is celebrating the child artist. Create your own profit with your next school art fundraiser.


Parents treasure our products as they are permanently decorated with their own childs artwork.
Every unique keepsake celebrates creativity and serves as a lasting tribute to each child's artistic accomplishment.

Our art fundraisers are popular and have become a school tradition that parents look forward to year after year.

We love working with schools, art teachers, kindergartens, playgroups, sport groups and art programs of all kinds.

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