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Profitable Australian School Art Fundraiser 

Children love seeing their art on gifts for Mum, Dad, Gran, Pop or close Family Friends

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How does our 100% Australian Fundraiser work

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Being a family company we know how important our children's artwork is.

  • We are 100% Australian owned and everything is made right here in Sydney.

  • We create much loved keepsakes and gifts using childrens art for Australian families.

  • Option of offering every year a different product to your schools families, making them treasures to collect and share with family.

  • Each personalised gift tells a story about the child artist and the inspiration behind.

  • As you can create your own markup on top of our sale price, this is a very profitable art fundraiser for schools, clubs and kindergartens. Up to 50% Profit!

  • No Upfront cost needed while organising this activity. 

  • Free artpaper to ensure every student can participate will be send to you! 

  • Make sure that you contact us for updated information as we sometimes have new products or special packages. 

Our creative art fundraiser program is celebrating the child artist, the love of families, while raising much needed fund to support important school programs.


Parents treasure our products as they are permanently decorated with their own childs artwork.
Every unique keepsake celebrates creativity and serves as a lasting tribute to each child's artistic accomplishment.

Our art fundraisers are popular and have become a school tradition that parents look forward to year after year.

We love working with schools, art teachers, kindergartens, playgroups, sport groups and art programs of all kinds.