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Why choose us as your trusted art fundraising product supplier?

Established 2005, we have worked successfully for over 15 years with Australian Schools, Clubs and Kindergartens.

  • We are a family company, 100 % Australian Owned and Operated

  • Our Customer Service is personal and we work closely with you to achieve a satisfactory outcome for you

  • We have 100% Customer Satisfactory and have received numerous Feedback


  • We are flexible and can arrange sets of products you think would sell well at your school or organisation

  • Jennoli has been working for more than 15 years very successfully with many schools, kindergarten, playgroups and clubs

  • Our products are specifically chosen with families in mind as they are not only practically but also make great personalised keepsakes and gifts.

  • With a markup of more than 35% - 50% using our products can bring your school a good profit.  

  • We know how busy you are, that is why we sort our products into classes and label the boxes

  • We even make it easier for you to hand out the products as we label the products with the child's individual name 

  • We deliver on time to ensure happy children and families.

  • No Upfront Payment needed!

  • Payment can be made once you send us the artwork and we invoice. By that time you should have all the money from your families order on hand.


Check out our variety of Art Fundraising Products

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