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How can you display your Children’s Art usefull?

Many of us are having hundreds of our children's artwork stored away in draws, boxes or folders somewhere in the attic.

Our kids are born with a creative mind which is worthwhile to encourage. Not only will it stimulate their little minds it also is supporting fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Writing, drawing, painting is supporting the small muscles around the hand and fingers. Being creative influences self-confidence, development of independence skills and assists academic performance.

Most important being creative is fun.

It is impossible to display all the artwork created on the fridge or our walls. But what can we do?

1. Take a picture of the artwork and create a digital photo album and discard the artwork

2. Cut them down and make your own Gift Cards. Custom made giftcards are wonderful to send out for any occasions and the receiver will love them.

3. Make your own Table Decoration like a Coaster Set, Placemats or Trivet. Use a colourful artwork which will enhance your home décor and have it copied onto a decorative trivet. Custom Coasters are used everywhere and will make lovely gifts or use yourself.

Kids art coaster

4. Create personalised Home Décor like a cushion and give them away to your closest family members. Can you imaging having your child’s beautiful artwork displayed on your sofa? This will certainly find a special spot in everyone’s home. Cushions will make very thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or Birthdays.

Kids Art Cushion Cover

5. How difficult is it to find our keys, create a colourful Key Ring displaying your child’s artwork to make it stand out.

Printed Kids Art Key Ring

6. Travelling anywhere? A custom made colour Luggage Tag will certainly make your suitcase stand out from the crowd.

Printed Luggage Tags

7. Create a Mug or a Drink Bottle for your Grandparents

Pop and Gran will love drinking their coffee or tea using a custom mug displaying the grandchild’s artwork. They probably will take it to their preferred coffee shop, and have it refilled every day.

Kids Art Fundraiser Mugs

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