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We have created a school art fundraiser where every child can paint their own personalised artwork. Their families can order that artwork on custom-printed keepsakes, personalised gifts to treasure forever. Schools say this is the most profitable and personalised art fundraising program in Australia and families love seeing their own child's art reproduced !
New addition within our product range -create an Art Tile Murals installed outside. 

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School Art Fundraiser using personalised Products and custom Tiles to create profit for your school

  • We are a 100% Australian owned family business

  • We create personalised fundraising products for Australian schools and organisations

  • We offer a choice of products which can be customised with each child's artwork

  • Each keepsake will tell a story about the child artist and the inspiration behind

  • Create your own profit, we suggest a mark up of 30-50%

  • No Upfront cost to you

  • Free artpaper for every student will be posted 

  • As we add new products or maybe change existing ones, we suggest that you contact us for our latest information 

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Our creative kids art fundraising program is celebrating the child artist. Create your own profit with your next school art fundraiser.


Parents treasure our products as they are permanently decorated with their own childs artwork.
Every unique keepsake celebrates creativity and serves as a lasting tribute to each child's artistic accomplishment.

Our art fundraisers are popular and have become a school tradition that parents look forward to year after year.

We love working with schools, art teachers, kindergartens, playgroups, sport groups and art programs of all kinds.

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