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Great variety of Fundraising Products for Australian Schools, Kindergarten or Clubs

All our personalised gifts and fundraising products are professionally made from a copy of the original artwork of the child. The artwork for each keepsake gift can be created at home or at school. Perfect to make the artwork personalised to the occasion, eg. Mother's day, Father's day, Birthdays, Christmas or any other special moments. 

We offer a great selection of personalised gifts each decorated with the unique artwork of the child.
Our keepsakes gifts are very popular within the school community and much loved by families. For Fundraising, contact us for the Fundraising Pricelist and add your own markup on top of our fundraising products cost, you will generate a profit up to 50%.  
Jennoli Art Fundraiser benefits everyone and is rewarding for the creative child.

  • Our Art Fundraising Products are well priced to allow for a profit margin of 30-50% on top of our prices. 

  • We create keepsakes using each students individual artwork

  • We don't like children to feel that they miss out, that is why we send out enough paper for each child to participate.

  • We have 100% customer satisfactory feedback and we are proud of it

  • We are flexible and believe in customer service, we look forward discussing your needs.

  • But most of all, we love that we create cherished keepsakes and gifts

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