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Personalised Ornaments


Not only for Christmas Decor, a personalised ceramic ornament will look lovely displayed on your wall or hang into the window. Each custom ornament is decorated with your own child’s artwork, which can be created at school or at home.

For the creation of the artwork any medium can be used, even pictures. We scan and copy this image onto the surface of the ornament, it is imprinted into the surface.
No peeling or lifting off, this is permanent! 

Download our Art Template for Ornaments here:

Ceramic ornaments come in the shape of a star or heart, you will receive a set of 2. This decorative item is approx. 9cm in size and has a ribbon included. Each ornament can be printed with your child's artwork on one side, option of school logo on the back.

We will deliver all the products labelled and sorted into individual classes.
For easy distribution, we enclose an image and name spreadsheet per class.

We create personalised ornaments, cherished gifts and memorable personalised products for school fundraisers, occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Art Shows, Celebration and Festivals.

Personalised Ornament.jpg

Not running a Fundraiser but want to order a personalised Coaster? Download the Coaster Template, create your art and

Order here: 

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