Each keepsake gift is unique as they are created using your child's beautiful art.
A copy of your art will be permanently printed onto your chosen product.

Create a special artwork for Mother's day, paint something adorable for Granny and Pop, make Dad laugh at Father's day or make an unique art for a family friend.

Ordering is simple
1. create your artwork or use already existing art - check out our art template page
2. pick your product - Free Delivery for all orders over $50.00
3. upload your art (you need to scan or make a pic of it)
4. go to checkout and follow payment instruction
5. Receive your custom gift within 1-2 weeks

Call Us: 02 99811009   /   jennoli@bigpond.net.au   /  Postal Address: POBox 1042, Narrabeen NSW 2101

  Much Loved Kids Art Fundraiser and Art Tile Mural Australia 
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